Convert Hunter node to Rachio3

I have hooked up 5 zones to Rachio 3. I have a 6th zone which is run by a Hunter battery operated controller. I want to connect this to my Rachio. It appears I have one common wire and one red station wire. Can i simply run these to the Rachio and connect to a zone? I am already using a common wire from the other zones, Do i need to add the node common wire to the existing common wire or can I connect to one of the open C slots?

Unfortunately battery operated controllers use a DC latching valves in order to save battery power.
Meanwhile the vast majority of the permanently powered controllers, like Rachio, are designed to control more common 24VAC valves due to advantages of supporting longer wire runs and failing safe (valve closing in case of power loss).
Good news is that you will likely be able to keep the valve body, meaning you do not need to change the plumbing, but the solenoid head itself will need to be switched over to 24VAC type (which will have both wires of the same color, usually black).
If you take a photo of the valve you have, someone may be able to recommend which solenoid head will be compatible.

Ok. Thx. I have no idea where the valve is, all I can see is the box in the ground containing the node and two wires. Looks like beyond my skill set.

Try following the cable. The valve will not be far from the controller (battery power doesn’t travel far by wire).

Well found the solenoid. Does the solenoid merely unscrew from the valve? I.e. turn off water, unscrew DC solenoid and replace with 24 vac version (think it is a rrainbird) and attach to wires and to Rachio controller?

It should as long as the solenoids are the same threading, etc. I would make sure you take it with you to the store and leave the water off.

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Thanks everyone. While I had a hiccup with the valve, the solenoid switch worked and I successfully hooked up to the Rachio.

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