Controlling a PUMP Schedule Programmatically


I want to use Rachio to control a PUMP that will run for a certain number of hours to refill a Tank each day. I wanted to do this programmatically without using the iPhone App to trigger the PUMP.


I volunteer for a small water district that mainly has one Tank and one Pump.

Each morning I receive the level of the Tank via Satellite to an email address. Based on the level of the Tank in the morning, I wanted to schedule a certain number of hours for the PUMP to run that day to make up for the consumption from the previous day.

Below is the process I wanted to implement.

Perhaps the Tech guys at Rachio can vet the workflow.

  1. First create 10 Schedules where the PUMP will Run for 1 to 10 hours.
    a. Schedule 1 - Pump Runs for 1 hour, say 10 AM to 11 AM
    b. Schedule 2 - Pump runs for 2 hours, etc
    c. Schedule 10 - Pump runs for 10 hours

  2. Get the Level of the Tank each morning via an email (say 9 AM)

  3. Compute the numbers of HOURS the pump should run based on it’s PUMP RATE (gallons per hour) and how many gallons to refill the TANK

  4. Switch to a Schedule where that many hours will RUN the PUMP


  • Is it possible to get the ID of each schedule?
  • Is this the simplest way to set the PUMP duration?
  • If for some reason I have to stop the schedule, if I tell the system to continue with a certain Schedule but it’s start time has passed, will the PUMP go on still?

Thank you for your thoughts on this matter,