Controlling 110v appliance using 24v relay

I am trying to provide control for a fountain using the Rachio controller for a client. The only solution I have thought of is installing a pump start relay, hard wiring the fountain pump to the relay, and then running sprinkler wire to a dedicated zone on the controller. Does anyone know of any 24v relay switches that have a built in outlet? This would eliminate the need to hard wire the pump to the relay.

@landstetics - why is there a desire to control the fountain with the Rachio? It may not be important, but this will throw off the water used for that customer - so I’d be sure to set the area and precipitation rate for that zone to be as small as possible.

Why not use one of the intelligent plug solutions, mounted in a weatherproof enclosure if necessary?

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No, but it would be pretty easy to mount a box with receptacle and in use outlet cover to the bottom, or drill a hole and mount to the side of a relay.

Tons of relays on ebay but they don’t seem to indicate the coil load. Hopefully they are in miliamps so the controller can handle it. I two would likely use a smart outlet. If the client already has dlink cameras, you could use a dlink outlet and it would control from the same family of apps. You’ll want an auto fill valve on the fountain or a rachio zone that fills it.

Agreed…Several good wifi plugs that work with HomeKit, Wink, Nest, etc. that would work better.

I have done just what you are trying to do. I fill my fountain everyday on a dedicated water valve.My rachio controller waters my fountain for 1 minute every day. The power for the pump is on a separate timer.