Controller won’t shut off well pump

Hey I’m having trouble ever since installed Rachio Gen 2 controller. I only have 2 zones & the app will never shut off the power to the well pump.

Only way to water it is if i plug in well pump, run each zone for little while, & unplug the pump right after.

If I keep the well pump plug plugged in for long period of time it gets hot. My previous manual/schedule controller didn’t have problem of turning on or off power to the pump. I tried to reach out to irrigation tech but keeps diving calls for last few years. Posting pics below.

Pic of previous controller info

Maybe post screenshot of how Rachio app is configured for the pump?

Ok see pics below. Hope this helps.

Looks like you have it configured correctly. If you unplug the Rachio when the pump is running, does the pump shut off?

You do have a pump start relay there somewhere, correct? Can you take a picture of that?

No it doesn’t shut off

The first three problem areas that I can think of are:

  1. Rachio: Since the pump does not shut off when the Rachio is unplugged, I would say it is unlikely to be this
  2. Pump start relay: I suppose it could be stuck in the on position
  3. Pump: something stuck with the valve, but unlikely since needs power to run and it probably gets the power through the relay

I don’t think I have a pump start relay. If you want I can post a pic of wiring from pump to rachio?
Old manual schedule controller never needed a relay. I can post a pic of device if it will help, but it’s weird that ‘dumb’ one didn’t need & a Rachio Gen 2 needs one.

It is possible that you have a 24VAC pump. Can you provide specs on the pump, specifically voltage and watts/amps please?

I did post 2 sides of pump info but hard cuz there is a tank I think on top. See pics

I am noticing they pump is 115/230 VAC. Sprinkler controllers usually output 24 VAC. So, the controller must be connected to a relay that turns on the pump.

@Thomas_Lerman is this what u talking about? This is wiring pic on the pump

[quote=“User26, post:12, topic:35739”]

This is a pressure switch, not a relay. I suppose it is possible that the pump activates based on a pressure switch, and would only run when the system runs and the valves are open…possibly the pressure switch is bad?

Where does the blue wire that you have plugged into the M terminal of the Rachio go? If you follow that, it should take you to the relay. Do you have a master valve in the system as well?

Also, do you have pictures of your previous controller wiring?

The pump is running on a pressure switch, meaning that it turns on when the valve activation causes the line pressure to drop.
Do any of the zone sprinklers keep running after rachio shutoff? Please take a closeup of your power supply, are you using original or have you replaced the rachio power supply?