Controller says system did not run but water meter says it did

When I read my water meter this morning the usage indicated that the irrigation in my front yard had run overnight but the controller reports that no cycle ran there in the last 2 days. The amount of water used was exactly correct for my front yard (which, according to the controller, is supposed to run tomorrow) and I can see evidence of where a little bit of water ran off one of the shrubs (as it always does) so I know it ran.

Any ideas on this? We’re in the midst of a water shortage here and I don’t particularly want to use 300 gallons of water that I don’t have to. I will likely skip the cycle for tonight but I want to understand what is happening.

It looks like the system did run. I’ll work with the team on why the front dashboard isn’t showing the run today.

Thanks Franz. I don’t know if this makes any difference but the front
was not scheduled to run overnight last night. I have two zones (front
yard and back yard) and they usually run around 2:00 am on back to back
days (front one day and back the next) with a dead day between cycles.
The back ran night before last, nothing was scheduled last night, the
front is supposed to run tonight with the back tomorrow night. Since it
was a dead day I was not expecting it to run last night and was kind of
confused when I saw that the front ran.

Would appreciate finding out what happened.