Controller Offline !@$!

Got a notification that my controller went offline at EXACTLY 4am. What are the steps to trouble shoot this? Modem restart? Controller restart? Not sure where to start?

Mine also went offline last night, the email came in at exactly 4AM, but within the email it said it was 3:05AM

I am chasing evidence of a bigger issue affecting multiple people where the timer is going offline randomly every week and requires a full restart of power to reboot.

You can give more information to see if your symptoms are the same.

For me the power is connected to a UPS so I never lost power, my Wifi is a dedicated accerss point near by so I have full Wifi signal strength.

I did however not notice this issue until about the same time that I upgraded my wifi, have you recently made any wifi changes?

mine did the same last week. followed the directions in that link provided in the notification email and it took less than 5 mins to correct. seemed like in my case it was disconnected from the Wifi and couldn’t reconnect.