Controller not responding

My system isn’t working all of the sudden. To the best of my knowledge,it’s been running fine for the last few weeks. Then again, I have started to notice some yellowing grass, so I really don’t know how long this problem has existed. I tried all of the standard trouble shooting step (power, rain sensor, manual vs. schedule, etc.). I’ve had this gen1 controller for over two years and this is the 4th time it’s stopped working out of the blue. I really would like this taken care of as soon as possible. I’ve been patient with the product but I’m just fed-up now. It would be nice if the app would actually show what’s going on with your system i.e., don’t tell me the grass is watering or a schedule has completed if I that’s not actually happening. Please help.

Nucci21, have you verified the device isn’t in standby mode? That seems to have happened to a few folks recently when their systems weren’t working. Also, have you activated a sprinkler valve manually at the solenoid (to verify there is water pressure to the sprinklers)?

According to the app I am not in standby mode. I also toggled that setting as part of my trouble shooting, without luck. I’m not sure how to activate at the solenoid.


If you reach out to our support team I’m sure they can help you troubleshoot the issue. Like @DLane mentioned, there are a variety of reasons the system is not running (wiring, controller in standby, etc.)

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@Nucci21 - here’s a post from @Emil that mentions three things to check and one of them has a link to a video on manually activating a solenoid -> Controller won’t start sprinklers.

If none of those troubleshooting steps provides any resolutions, then I’d do as @Franz suggested and reach out to Rachio’s support team - they seem to be great. I’d get your controller serial number and configuration information ready for them to speed up the troubleshooting (e.g. master valve Y/N, pump relay Y/N) along with the troubleshooting steps that have already been performed.


@Nucci21 Looks like you have a call this afternoon with Tom, one of our support agents. I have forwarded this thread to him so he can read up before then :slight_smile: You are in more than capable hands!

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