Controller not connected help, Gen1


My app reset with update and won’t find my controller. When I try to add controller it says it’s already in use. Sn # V18140506. My controller is offline and I can’t get into the app to try and get it back online.


Can you provide a picture of the serial number? For some reason this is what is showing for us.





Can you try adding the controller, and when it gets to scanning the bar code enter this serial number in manually.


Let me know if that works, if not have another option.



Awesome worked! Although my programming and info is missing. Thank u very much. Awesome product and awesome service. I really appreciate the help



Sorry for that mixup. I remember a few years ago our manufacturer had mislabeled a handful of units, assuming this is one of them.

Please let us know if we can help out in any other way.



Np and thank u