Controller goes Offline

I have a series 2 controller; it’s been installed about 2 years.

I have had an intermittent problem with the controller going offline. The device periodically trips the GFCI breaker in the enclosure and the unit loses power. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to it; it happens throughout the year and in hot and cool weather. Note that I live in So Cal so it can get very hot. That said it does not necessarily trip at 110 degrees, but may at 70.

Recently Rachio sent me a replacement power supply. It went 10 days without issue, but it tripped again this morning.

I’m looking for troubleshooting ideas. Is it the controller, the GFCI, weather?

Thanks all.

I would suspect either the GFCI or a problem in the enclosure (water ingress, loose wire, wasp nest, etc.).

Using an outdoor rated extension cord, can you power the controller from a GFCI-protected outlet inside your home? For example, you may be able to run the cord out through the garage door, which should still be able to close properly. This should allow you to test whether the enclosure breaker still trips or the temporary outlet trips.

Does the enclosure breaker power any loads other than the Rachio? If the breaker is integrated with a standard duplex outlet, you could just try replacing it; they are usually less than $15. Of course, be sure that you have turned off the breaker in your panel that feeds the outlet, you have confirmed that it’s really ‘dead’, and you otherwise know how to do this safely. If the GFCI breaker is separate from the outlet, explain the setup; a picture would be useful.

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I have the same issue - Two year old Series 2 Rachio trips the GFCI breaker every few days to every few months. This has been happening reliably enough now that we go check the breaker after the sprinklers run. I ran a refrigerator and deck lighting without issue from this GFCI outlet for a couple of years before dedicating it to the Rachio - and occasionally run power tools from it without issue. No issue unless the Rachio is involved.