Controller disappeared after app update

I have two controllers, one at home and one in a rent house 5 hours away. Both have worked for years and months via both app and web interface. Today I was forced to update the app and when it was done the rent house disappeared from the app. It still is active on the web interface so I know connection and all is working.

Anyone else experience this issue?


Nevermind. Device screen was overhauled and now only one controllers shows at a time, assessible by drop down.

Wow, you held out on a app update for a LONG time! That change was damn near 2 years ago.

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Version I downloaded was dated 3 days ago. v4.12.1 But no idea what version I was on prior to that…so old it forced me to update. :slight_smile:

Just wish there was a forced “update app” on the web end of things. But that is another thread of a dog barking up another tree…