Controller dependency on Rachio

I’ve had the Rachio for a couple of days and I love it, but I feel compelled to wonder how dependent its use is on the “mother ship”, so to speak. If something should happen to Rachio as a company, would the controller become useless?

Probably, like most IoTs

@Robert3750 - depends on the schedule being run:

  1. Fixed - runs as set but no monthly adjustments or skips - wind, rain, etc.

  2. Flex - after two weeks, runs every third day. No adjustment for evapotranspiration or ground water level.

And for both the remote control via phone or web won’t work.

This doesn’t sound right, but could be. The IoT devices I have will all work very well without constant communications to the mothership. Certainly if the manufacturer decides to no longer support the device as most do over time, or leave the business altogether for whatever reason, the only real impact is no more firmware/software updates. For most IoT devices that’s really not too important. For some, there could be security issues but current routers can corral these devices in a number of ways to preclude major impacts.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious here…corrections most welcome.