Controller connected but doesn’t control any zones

I’ve had my controller for 6 years, always working normally.

Recently my landscaper replaced all my sprinkler valves and since then, it’s as though there’s no communication between the system & the controller.

When the valves themselves are in the open position, water runs to the sprinklers but the controller doesn’t start or stop them. The water runs indefinitely until I manually turn off each valve. Again, the controller isn’t controlling any of the 6 zones I have setup whatsoever.

My controller is plugged in & connected to WiFi.


@Kate, sounds like there is an issue with the common wire. That one wire goes to every valve. It could be the connection to the very first valve. If one has access to a multi-meter AKA volt/ohm meter one can test to see if there is a complete circuit through the wire.

I might call back the landscaper that replaced the valves and have him check out the system, as there could also be a broken wire. Hopefully the landscaper used water proof wire nuts for all the connections.

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If you are manually turning on valves, Rachio can’t see or record that.

But I’m with @DLane, either the installer has the common wire messed up somehow, or installed non-compatible valves. Do you have a picture of the new valves that were installed that you could post?