Controller, App, & Water Supply OK, but Valves Don't Activate

I have a Gen 3. It has been working fine for a few years. However, now the unit does not activate any valves.

  • Controller and app indicate no errors; when a Quick Run is activated, the app shows that it is running, but the sprinkler does not turn on

  • Network updated & blue light on solid. (Note: I can successfully select the brightness level of the blue light, which indicates the Gen 3 is communicating with the network and internet.)

  • I can turn on any valve manually just fine, indicating that the water supply is OK

How do I troubleshoot this?

If you are by one of the valves and you turn on that zone through the app, do you hear the solenoid kick on?

Has there been any digging in the yard? Maybe your common wire has an issue. Do you know your valve locations? Do you have a multimeter?

I would start by activating station 1 and testing at the controller to see if any voltage is going out. If it is and you know the wire routing test at the next valve in line w/ the controller. Maybe as simple as a loose connector.

Good luck.