Control4 Driver cost

I have to say I am pretty turned off by the fact that the control4 driver costs more then the unit, yet the Crestron driver is free…

We don’t currently own the driver so I can’t comment on the cost.

Being more expensive than the actual unit does seem a little perplexing :wink:


Openhab 2.0 baby

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Maybe you can share some influence with your partner? $199 for the driver

I rather pay you guys extra vs giving them as much as my unit cost for a driver…


I’ll send this to our biz dev team :wink:


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I don’t get it, why bother integrating? What does it really buy you. I’m a C4 user but don’t see what benefit this has over controlling via my iPhone or the web?

I think there is little value. Totally not $200 in value.

But if it was affordable, it would be nice to see everything in a single pain of glass

I want to record the first 5 minutes of each zone watering so that if I have stress showing up, I can review the video footage for stuck/clogged/damaged heads. Which is why I’m currently going down the open hab rabbit hole

can’t you just do that with a motion based activity on cameras? I guess this woudl record the whole watering vs 5 minutes…

my current idea is to use the webhook to call back into my home automation controller, to avoid ppl playing in the yard or whatever.

also the idea is for data to drive data, the data of the schedule being executed, that way when i change my schedule behavior it is less bravo seirra to change else where.

yeah, that makes sense. but wouldn’t a flow meter also achieve this with a lot less complexity? So you will know your normal flow and any major variation would dictate a broken head?

the most common issue i have is a head that sticks due to sand getting into the head ( i sand very often), nothing about flow helps in this area.

plus im counting on rachio to incorporate flow type issues into their software,

also, something i would like to expirment with is flipping on my irrigation for a few minutes between the hours of 12-3 am if a motion detector is tripped during this hours (my truck has been broken into a few times now), so currently i have it flipping on my landscaping lights and a few lights in the house, but i would love to soak them with water as well.

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generally i don’t think water makes burglars leave. but it will spoke em

oh dude, i know it wont make them leave, but im hoping they go home wish squishy shoes. all i want to do is make them less than happy. hopefully ruin the bag of weed in their pocket or maybe a cellphone

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good luck! lol.

I want to make my rachio talk to my alarm…so when the fire alarm goes off, start soaking the exterior

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another cool feature for home automation bus integration


@franz any updates from your people talking to HouseLogix?

Being told this is currently out of our control, I’ll let you know if that changes.


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