Continuous Sensor Activated/Deactivated?


Can you go to your sensor outside and wiggle the wires? Also, wiggle the wires at the controller. See if you get any sensor notifications while you do that. Those are your most likely weak points in the wires/connections.


@though That’s a good theory.

I need to add my Irritrol sensor is brand new. I installed it this past Spring. It’s also on a Gen 3.

The WR2 was new last year, but I’ll plan on checking those batteries next time I’m in the area. If they are good, then I’ll plan on moving the sensor closer to the controller to see if the signal is dropping.

Another thought, I wonder if all the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data, and other signals interfere in some way. It shouldn’t, but this is a heavy residential area.

Of course, @Linn’s issues ends a signal issue.


@Linn Is your sensor in full sun with no chance of getting shade from limbs or overhangs?


Our hardware team identified a firmware issue related to this. We will roll this out once tested and validated.



Thanks for the update @franz!

Is there a thread that keeps track of firmware updates/announcements/changelog?


We typically post major releases on the community, smaller incremental firmware changes or other usually aren’t broadcasted. I’ll make sure the team pings this thread when we have validated the firmware issue.



@though We do have a changelog on our Help Center. Links below :slight_smile:


:cheers: Lo


@laura.bauman FYI - I went to the IOS link, then to the changelog link and it gets “the page you were looking for doesn’t exist”. It’s got a bad link.


Please correct me if I’m wrong, but those links show app updates/changelogs, not actually controller firmware info/update info?


Whoops! Thanks for the heads up @Linn. Product of combining support articles :slight_smile: Taking that out now. ‘’

Correct! That is just app changelog. I apologize - I saw changelog and jumped for the links without reading the firmware part! Creating a firmware changelog is a request we’ve seen and if we decide to create one we’ll let you all know here :slight_smile:


A firmware change log for us nerds would be a nice addition.


@franz My customer with a new Irritrol wireless sensor shows a history of over fifty-five activation/deactivation events from October 20 to October 26. On the 25th there were eighteen events.

Is there a chance the update didn’t reach his controller?


I had an issue with the messages on October 29. When I checked firmware that day, it was still on the same firmware, so that could have been the case with your customer.

@franz does the newest firmware upgrade address this issue?


@Sprinklerman We are still validating this firmware in small controller batches. If you PM me your customer’s email address I’ll have the team update it this week for them.



Can you post here when it’s been pushed out to the masses?



I saw there was a firmware update for my Rachio 3 this morning. I applied the update and now I have non-stop rain sensor activation/deactivation notices. I finally had to disable the rain sensor just to get the app to shut up. The rain sensor status was working fine prior to the firmware update. How can I go back to the old firmware?


I noticed my units are now on Firm 601.


Firmware version iro3-firmware-hk-5-601 for the Generation 3 controllers should resolve these issues. It was released to all Generation 3 controllers that have a rain sensor.

We are still working on the Generation 2 firmware that will address these issues and will notify when released.



The update to 601 firmware is what triggered the non-stop activation/deactivation notices on my Generation 3. How can I go back to the previous firmware version since that worked fine?


Just enabled the rain sensor again. So far the notices are stable.