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I’m having a very difficult time reconnecting my system to my Wi-Fi. I have followed your troubleshooting guide since midnight last night. And nothing is working! I’m very frustrated I have searched your entire site for a contact number and I cannot find one. Since I cannot connect to Wi-Fi on your system I cannot water my grass and it won’t let me do anything. My power source is fine I have other things plugged into itMy Wi-Fi at home is fine as I have other objects phone iPad etc. all hooked up. The only thing that’s not working is your system and I would like to know how I can get in touch with customer service or technical support to give me my help.

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Anything wrong with this number?

Out of curiosity: Do you have more than 1 access point? Like do you use Eero or some similar mesh system?

I have a Unifi system at my house and if there is more than one AP with the same SSID that the device is looking for, it will get confused and quit connecting. If you change the SSID on an AP, it won’t ever connect properly again. Further, if you reuse the SSID with a different network address range, it will fail to connect to the Internet (but will stay connected, using an old cached IP). Bugged Rachio support about this caching issue, but apparently they didn’t know and have no fix. Eventually added another AP to my network with a new SSID only for that device on a separate network/VLAN and it has been solid ever since…

I and others have the same problem … this RACHIO 3 is SHIT!!!