Constantly dropping Wifi

I have a Rachio 3, maybe 3 months old, and I am very very tired of having to reset it all the time, as it looses it’s connection to wifi, and I must completely reset it to factory defaults to get it back on line. We are in Florida, and we have power outages, and every time it does the same thing. You’d think Rachio would install a replaceable CMOS battery to back up the settings and connection, or allow for a static IP, and I have a 10G fiber and copper network in my home. If I can’t find a reasonable solution, I will be in the hunt for a replacement as it takes between always 30 to 45 minutes every time to get it back on the system. As a comparison, my Jandy Aqualink WiFi pool controller reconnects all by itself, no issues. It has a CMOS battery. I have even looked at installing a small UPS, but the box it is installed in is too small. Basically, I am asking for any logical help before I trash it.

I believe that Rachio stores configuration data in (non-volatile) flash memory; the SSID and password are retained without aid from a battery.

When you see the failure and before any manual intervention, what state do the indicators show?

Have you tried just power cycling? If so, what state does it end up in after cycling and waiting a few minutes?

Have you tried just reconfiguring Wi-Fi? If so, what goes wrong?

When Wi-Fi is working normally, it’s not about to water and you have a bit of time, please test by unplugging it, waiting 10 seconds and plugging it back in. If it doesn’t reconnect to your network, something is wrong and you should open a ticket and get a replacement if the trouble is found to be with the device.