Constant "Device Status Power Cycle"

Hello, new customer here with a new Gen 2 controller. Everything is set up properly, but I’ve noticed in the “device updates” list, the Iro is constantly power cycling (message “Device status power cycle”). This is happening sometimes as often as once an hour or more, and it’s been constantly doing it since I got it. I saw a post that said this can happen when updates are pushed, but I struggle to imagine you’re pushing multiple updates per day!

Is this normal behavior? Why so constant?

Thanks for reaching out to us.

We did some research and it looks like the firmware update for your device is causing the power cycle. The update command is sent, but the device is somehow being affected by this. We are doing more research and will get back to you after we have done some troubleshooting. Thanks for your patience.


I’ve been having the same problem with my Generation 2. It power cycled 18 times between Thursday and Sunday. Any update on this?

@jgcaldwell I had our hardware engineer @Devin review your account. We were upgrading device firmware and your controller was having issues reconnecting to our cloud broker. The firmware update finally went through and the status of the controllers looks fine.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Franz. I had also been having problems with my IRO going offline periodically even though it had a good strong WiFi signal. I had contacted support on Sunday and was told that my controller may be having a problem in receiving a firmware update and suggested the problem was with my Apple Airport Extreme and the solution was to switch from 802.11n to 802.11g. Since I have been traveling, I had not had time to determine how to do this. I was told that the firmware update would fix this issue. I have not had any more problems since Sunday so hopefully the fact that the firmware update went through is an indication that my problem has been fixed.

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@jgcaldwell If you have any other connectivity issues just let us know and we can take a deeper dive.


@franz I am having the same issue with my Gen 2. Can you please see if I need the firmware update as well?


I’m having our development team review, it does look like the controller is having problem updating firmware.

Any chance you can get it onto a WiFi hotspot and we could try sending it a manual firmware update?

Also, are there any fire-walls in place?


@franz - I may be mistaken, but I don’t think the firmware update is displayed in the device log. I know my other IoT device will either a) show their firmware level and/or b) log when their firmware was updated and to what level. Also, is there a change log/fix list for the firmware changes? Some of us are not paranoid as we know people are after us!

Not currently. Hope to at least get the firmware version into our new app.

Not for firmware, but we do have for our client apps.


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@franz Yes, I could attach it to a wifi hotspot. I have a Meraki firewall. Should I call in to support to try the manual update? I could also connect it to a separate wireless network outside my firewall for a while.

Please consider changing this. :slight_smile: Us software geeks appreciate it.


Any chance you could disable the firewall for a bit and have our team send the firmware? If not, just let me know through PM when it is on the hotspot and I can have the support team send firmware.



I am having the same problem. My device has been power cycling for days now. Currently not watering and the power to the pump has been off since November. Any ideas?

@franz - Is there any way for us to check to see if we’ve gotten the firmware update? If not, could someone check and see if my unit has gotten it? I have not seen a power cycle since October - if that’s what’s indicative of having gotten the update. Thanks

PS - I’d add my strong vote for having the user have a way to determine ALL software/firmware release levels on their equipment.


The next version of our software (V3) will show the firmware version of hardware.

@davelr If you PM me your serial number I can have the team check what version of firmware you are on.

Thanks and have a great day!


@Mikejfrd82 - I’ve read where zone wiring faults can cause this. It was mentioned that the power to the pump has been off, but if Rachio is turning on zones (even though they won’t water in real life) and that zone has a wiring fault it might be a root cause.

Do you have a Gen 1 or Gen 2 device?

I might log a call into Rachio support to have them see what diagnostic information they can provide to identify the root cause issue.

Thank you for the info. I have a gen 2.

@Mikejfrd82 - Good to hear you have a Gen 2 device as there are zone current diagnostics that Rachio support can see (I can’t) that could identify if it is a wiring fault causing the power cycles.