Considering to use Rachio in Europe

I am Lukas from the Netherlands,
I am asked by my parents to build a (smart) sprinkler system in the garden.
In Europe, the only application available to make your sprinkler system smart is from Gardena and very expensive. So I started googling and found Rachio.
I am planning to buy a gen 2, besides the power problem (which can easily be fixed by an adapter) are there any other problems that come by installing Rachio in Europe?
Can the units in the app be changed to metric (L, kg, etc.)?

All experience is welcome!!

I am looking forward to the reactions

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please see the international section?

Dont do it. You are completely on your own if you want to clame warranty. There is other options out there.
No 24h clock. Units are in cm/h !?!

not sure where you are coming from Arto, i have Gen 3 in the netherlands, no problem.

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Tried warranty claim?

Hi Lukas, i am using the rachio gen 1 since a few years in the Netherlands
Everything works fine. There are a few things to look out for:

  • in europe, wifi can have one more channel to use than in the USA. If your home wifi uses the extra channel (because you tweaked it that way) , the rachio will not be able to connect (as i found out the hard way). If you direct your wifi hotspot to not use the extra channel ( i think it was something like channel 14) no problem
  • 220 to 24 volt AC seems easy to come by, but proved difficult for me. You can use old christmas lightning transformers, they deliver 24 Volt AC quite well.
  • You can buy everything you need at
  • cm,s etc. are no problem
  • you can easily connect to a public weatherstation nearby.
  • when you have set everything up, test the mm’s you get in an hour for each sprinkler by putting straight cups in a straight line and measuring the mm’s after an hour; although i use only rainbird 3504’s the suggested mm’s in the rachio app are way to high
    Succes with everything!

Super dankje,
great thanks!