Consider local watering restrictions

Where I live, watering restrictions allow watering up to three days per week, between the hours of 9pm and 10am.

I would like to input these restrictions and let the smart schedule figure out the best times to water. Right now, if I choose Mon/Wed/Fri, then if it’s too windy on Friday, we go 4-1/2 days without watering. I would like my Rachio to try to find the next eligible day to water - in the example, if Saturday morning isn’t windy, it could water Saturday and then again on Monday, and I would stay “legal.” Additionally, if it’s too windy in the evening, it would wait until the wind dies down in the “open” window, or if it was too windy in the morning, it might wait until the evening to try and water. As you may have noted, it’s been quite windy here this year, with multiple red flag days.

The goal would be that in any Mon-Sun period, I would get three days of watering assuming there weren’t multiple weather skips during that period.

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To conform to local watering rules, the flexible / inteligent schedule would have to allow for watering only on specific days (in my case Tues.-Thurs.-Sat.), so any day that is skipped due to rain, wind, etc. would either mean that watering doesn’t happen or is added to the next specific day.