Connecting Weatherflow Tempest to Rachio 2

The topic says it all. I can’t connect my PWS to Rachio 2

There are dozens of posts of people in a similar situation to yours, they all have one thing in common, they have included the link to their tempest station data.

In order to use your data with Gen 2 controller, a copy of the data has to be made available on Let me know if you wish to create your own station, or have a random station created for you.

We’d like to use our WeatherFlow Tempest with our Rachio V2. The Tempest URL is, our station ID is SKOV1. This is our first time attempting such a thing, please be gentle :wink: Haven’t figured out how the Tempest report gets to PWSweather…

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Ack, same challenge for me as well! Gene, not sure if you’re still around to assist, but if so it would be much appreciated!

PWSweather: (currently inactive as I haven’t been able to figure out how to send it data yet)


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@Bradley, I’ll be happy to help, but in addition to info you’ve already provided, I’ll need the API key from pwsweather to authenticate the data sent to your station. I’ve sent you a private message earlier in the day, check your inbox for info on how to get it. Reply to that message and you should be able to start using your station in no time.


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I am having the same issue


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@macgyver60 Please PM me your pwsweather API key. You can find it by accessing station edit page. Be sure to copy the full 32 character key.

Would you be able to help me get my tempest and pwsweather talking?