Connecting multiple master valves

My system is fed from two different main line sources so I have two master valves. Can the Rachio 3 handle multiple master valves? Ideally separately, but if I tied the two MV together so that when a zone goes on, essentially 3 valves open ( 2 MV + 1 Zone valve) I have total of 14 zones.

Does the Rachio 3 give any push notice of power failure, WIFI loss?

In the event of WIFI loss does it still water based upon original zone settings?

Any kind of notice of bad solenoids or wiring? perhaps amperage readings (I currently get that)

(I’m replacing my current smart controller that on the surface appears to offer more features than Rachio…at least I haven’t seen anything on the website)…Thank you

  1. Two MV: As I understand it from articles such as the following, no:
    Master Valve only on specific zones
  2. Power failure: maybe through the app or webhook. Wifi Loss:
  3. Zone settings: see previous article
  4. Bad solenoid/wire or amps: It sure would be cool to see how many amps a particular zone is drawing, but not at this time from what I have seen. I believe it will cause an error (zone fault, see article below) that is displayed if too many amps. It appears all is working if no amps, but no water is coming out of the sprinklers. I could be wrong, but it would seem that how many amps a zone is drawing is at least partially available (not made visible anywhere though) to detect a fault.
  5. What are you replacing?

@puffy92677 - Rachio can handle the two master valves at the same time. Rachio might not be able to power the two master valves and then two zone valves if the reduce water hammer option is on - it will all depend on how much current the solenoids take when in an open position. One may get a zone fault, or intermittent zone fault, with two master valves and the reduce water hammer option on. This is due to Rachio have a 1,000 milliamp power supply. A possible solution if one wants two master valves and the reduce water hammer option is a Normally Open Single Pole Single Throw relay that would be tripped by the M terminal on the Rachio and connecting a separate 24 VAC power supply to the two master valves. I’d try running the two master valves on the Rachio first.