Connecting Ambient Weather station for Gen 2

I have a Rachio Gen 2 and just purchased the Ambient Weather station (WS-2902A) and I am attempting to get the two linked. An earlier search indicated that it was possible to link PWS to Wungerground using a API. However, when I followed the links provided in the community forum WU indicates that they no longer provide a free API. What is even doubly annoying there is no link on how to get an API. So I am sort of stuck on how to get these two to communicate. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’d contact Ambient support. Ed is usually very prompt at answering.

@Gene, is there an updated post/thread to direct folks like the OP to? It seems like your awesome WUFYI service would be the solution for him.


As Here is a write up on how to use it does not use a WU api key.

I guess I should setup a redirect for now to make this easier


I have been using an apple to do this, with some additional software, and a lot of down time. Thanks so much for this info. This is so much cleaner and works great. Had it up in 10 mins.


Just read on the Ambient Weather Facebook page that " will now upload your data to PWSWeather.comand directly ."

I disabled cron-job and trying the direct upload.

Edit: Direct upload from AmbientWeather to PWSWeather is working:)


On the Ambient blog they even mentioned Rachio.

Who needs Meteobridge these days?!