Connecting Ambient Weather station for Gen 2


I have a Rachio Gen 2 and just purchased the Ambient Weather station (WS-2902A) and I am attempting to get the two linked. An earlier search indicated that it was possible to link PWS to Wungerground using a API. However, when I followed the links provided in the community forum WU indicates that they no longer provide a free API. What is even doubly annoying there is no link on how to get an API. So I am sort of stuck on how to get these two to communicate. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I’d contact Ambient support. Ed is usually very prompt at answering.


@Gene, is there an updated post/thread to direct folks like the OP to? It seems like your awesome WUFYI service would be the solution for him.


As Here is a write up on how to use it does not use a WU api key.

I guess I should setup a redirect for now to make this easier