Connected to weather station but still watering

So I don’t know if I’m having an issue or not, but my generation 3 is set up on the flex daily, it’s setting itself to run on days that it rains. Like the other day I came home from work at 5:30 a.m., my sprinklers were running and it was raining. Is there a percentage of rain forecast that it automatically turns off? What is the way to fine-tune this system. one of the main reasons I got this system in the first place is so that it wouldn’t water when it’s raining. But I’m seeing 30-40 50% chance of rain and this thing is still scheduling. I’ve had to shut it off manually a handful of times.

The chart generally looks like it is tracking these events. Today does looks like a miss, the system watered, so best guess is the forecast was probably lower than the observed precipitation today and the system decided to water. If you feel the observed precipitation data is not accurate I would choose a close-by PWS. Forecasting is not affected by choosing a PWS or not.


Thank you for the help. I’ll definitely keep an eye on it