Connect Rachio Water Flow Meter to v2 (or v1)


For me, having a flow sensor is not about the frivolity of tracking data, but to close a valve if the flow rate becomes abnormal, signaling a busted drip line. I just installed some new drip tape and some of the fittings came loose during testing. Having a sensor that could detect these kinds of catastrophic events would give me peace of mind.


Wait! Whoa, slow down there PacoBell.

The “frivolity” of tracking data?

Data is information. Information begets knowledge, and knowledge is power. Any good decision making, any good management cannot be done without data. Otherwise, we’re just throwing darts in the dark.

The Known Unknown:
Not only can we not do the things we want when we lack data (for ex: put the right amount of water on different plants, avoid leaks, avoid wasting resources, establish baselines, note differences, perform A/B testing), but;

The Unknown Unknown:
We cannot do the things we are unaware need doing without data. Data reveals patterns of which we could never be aware without that information (for ex: water is flowing despite all zones being off, a zone is using 2x less gph than last month for no good reason, or other things unknown.)

This certainly applies to irrigation. I may be overly dramatic in this post, but I am entirely on the level when I say that my entire life, all my choices, all my decisions are enriched by data. I do not see this as frivolous.

I had wished that your handle referred to Pachelbel’s incredible gigues, including “Canon in D Major”, but now I see that it’s more about soft-shell tacos and it’s your argument which is completely Baroque. Sir, you have affronted my core values. I bid you good day.


Ever seen this?


Yeah! Saw that years ago. Thanks for the refresher.


Seems like a good idea.

I’ll guess, though, that the roadblock is that your v1 or v2 devices don’t have an appropriate data interface to take in the information the sensor has, even with an adapter. The info from the flow meter is probably digital, and your contact points are probably analog.

Just guessing, though. Your idea is solid, and I also have the Liftmaster MyQ adapter. Although I’m much LESS impressed with it than Rachio. it has some of the worst Internet of Things characteristics - for one, they want me to pay $1 a month to connect it to Alexa, then ANOTHER dollar a month to connect it to Google assistant.