Connect external wifi enabled timer/controller to Rachio?

Is there a way to extend the Rachio system with an external timer/controller that is not connected to the central control board?

We did some work outdoor to put a cement patio and it appears the workers did not properly reconnect the sprinkler main line across the cemented area; fixing it would mean breaking the cement, that I would like to avoid…
I am thinking of connecting a wifi enabled timer to an existing faucet; it would be great if I could control it with the same Rachio Controller that I already have (gen 2, 8 zones)

Any ideas if it is possible?


Unfortunately this is not supported.

If you want do some DIY I could envision putting something like this on the faucet.

And then having the Rachio control the solenoid.


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That particular solenoid is DC so would need to find an AC version or convert the signal. Very cool device though and now I’m inspired to look into hosebib valves some more.

Thanks @Kubisuro, yeah, I really need to stay in my lane. :wink: