Connect Dosing Pump to Rachio 3

Hello everyone,

I have the Rachio 3 installed and it’s working perfect. In my old setup I had the Galcon 8000 irrigation system installed together with Injecta Analogue dosing pump. On the old irrigation system, all zones used to operate simultaneously and when each irrigation cycle started, the dosing pump was also activate and injected Liquid fertilizer to the drip irrigation pipes.

When I connected the new Rachio 3, I managed to wire the device correctly and each zone works without any errors, however I cant seem to connect the dosing pump, and I tried multiple different wiring alternatives. Either the dosing pump works constantly (If connected directly to the power jacks) or doesn’t work at all.

Here are few pictures for reference:
The whole system:

The way I wired the Rachio

The old Galcon wiring. The thick Blue & Brown wires on the left are the pump’s wires.

Any idea how I make these 2 work?

Thank you very much for your help.

Looks like it was wired to your Master valve along with the red wire.
It will be hard / not advisable to connect two wires to a single terminal, so I’d recommend you procure a short peace of irrigation wire and a wire nut / interconnected terminal block in order to hook all of your master wires together and connect them to Rachio via a single wire.

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