Connect 2 zones to 1 connection on controller

Hello. I just got my Gen3 setup and running recently. Have a question about combining 2 zones.

I have the gen 3 12 zone unit.
I only have 8 active zones.

When 6 of my zones run my well pump will start and run constantly. That is it the pump does NOT cycle on and off. Each of these zones have 5 or more heads per zone. In fact one zone has 9 heads on it.

2 of zones cause the pump to cycle on and off when in use. The zones have 3 and 4 heads each.

To eliminate pump cycling, could i combine these 2 zones? They do have relatively the same watering needs.

Everything i read looks like the answer is yes.
I do NOT have a master valve wire. I do not have water hammer setup. Just wanted to double check

Thanks in advance.

@Eliteconcept - Yes.

  1. The Rachio controller can drive three normal sprinkler valves at one time, so that is fine here.

  2. Assuming the heads are all similar - e.g. not 9 - 1/4 arc heads versus 7 - full arc heads or rotor versus impact versus spray - then it seems like you think the water pressure will be acceptable. When the large 9 head zone is running the spray coverage/water pressure is acceptable?

  3. If the schedule is a Flex Daily, instead of Fixed, and the system is really calibrated correctly then one of the combined zones may be suboptimal - a minor consideration.

Thanks for the reply. Yes when the zone with 9 rotors on it run it has very acceptable pressure.

The 2 zones I’m looking at combining are all the same style, rotors.

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@Eliteconcept - you’re welcome. You seem to have it sorted out. I was mainly documenting it in the event is was found by someone else in a search.

If doable get a water storage tank…I have a 10,000 gallon water storage tank (Cali code requires 1 gallon per sq ft. of housing size) (7.5K for watering…2.5 for my house) they make smaller tanks.