Confused by schedule details

I just setup a daily flexible schedule for 6 zones and it is showing over 8 hours of watering. How can that possibly be right?

Without knowing what these zone are, or what settings were entered for these zones, it is impossible to say.

For reference, my grass zones run for 1h10m each (I have low flow Hunter MP Rotator Nozzles), and my drip zones run as long as 3h50m each.

Post some screenshots of your zone settings and tell us a bit about your yard, and we can make a better judgment here. Also, you need to take everything you thought you knew about how to water, and throw it out the window. Chances are, it was “wrong”, and not the most efficient way to water. These numbers might look twice as long as what you’d expect, but Rachio will most likely water 1/2 the frequency you’d expect as well.