Confused about time/flow and weather

I’m having a tough time with my Gen 3 system. If I populate the flow of the heads, the soil type, exposure, plants types and other info - it seems to me that the system should derive the proper run time and days to water each zone based upon weather. I have all of the above info in the system and I’m constantly fiddling with run times and days of the week to water. My bill is higher than ever. It would seem to me that a smart controller would calculate the days and amount of water based on weather.
What am I missing?

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Are you using Flex Daily?

I’m currently using Flex Monthly

As far as I know only flex daily does weather adjustment.
Flex monthly just does historical seasonal changes, and as its names says, on a monthly basis.

Hi there!

Without having more specifics it is difficult to give you precise guidance. If you are using Flex Monthly, the best recommendation that I can give is to separate schedules by crop type. This means that cool season grass should have it’s own Flex Monthly schedule, shrubs their own schedule, etc. I’m not sure how you have your schedule setup, but this will go a long way to improving the automation with Flex Monthly. I recommend changing the color of your schedules so you can differentiate each on on the calendar view.

If you DM me your account email address I will take a look at your device schedule setup.