Conflicting Weather Messages and behavior between zones

See screen shot of messages I received this morning. I have one zone “north side close to house” setup with the same frequency as the rest of the yard, just on a delayed start so we don’t hear sprinklers going off outside bedroom window at 5am. Anyways I just received a message that the “north side close to house” zone just finished watering while the rest of the yard was skipped (as I would expect). Do you have any suggestions on what settings I should look at on this zone to make it behave like the rest of the yard (except for start time)?

@Perk - post some screenshots for “north side close to house” and “Yard” for the zone settings including the advanced settings. Sounds like one of the smart features is not turned on for “north side close to house”. The screenshots should help someone here in the community identify the problem.

Here’s the screen shots of the two different schedules.


Hey @Perk-

Do you have our Climate Skip feature enabled on both schedules? This is what cause the skip on “Yard”. Climate Skip works off of your zone settings along with weather, and only skips if the most sensitive zone in the schedule is able to make it until the next watering. Are your zone settings on “north side close to house” different than the rest of your zones? This could be causing Climate Skip to trigger on one schedule and not the other.

McKynzee :rachio:

Hey @mckynzee -

Yes the climate skip feature is enabled on both schedules. The zone settings differ only in exposure and slope (the north side close to house having the most shade and slope) thus the thinking that this would be the area least likely to need watering again after a recent rain.

Thanks… Perk