Configuring a zone with multiple types


Hi all,

I have all my zones set up already, but I’m not sure how best to configure one… I have a few small trees, one medium tree (Japanese Maple) and some shrubs/bushes… Should I configure it as trees or as shrubs?



These are tough :wink: If you can’t create new zones for each crop type the recommendation is:

  • Since your irrigation system is not hydrozoned, recommended watering to the plants with the highest water requirement. In your case this might create some friction since typical trees have significant root zone depth whereas shrubs are significantly less. Our default tree root zone is 24 inches and default shrub root zone is 15 inches. Maybe somewhere in the middle? :smile:
  • Definitely do not use flex daily scheduling for this zone (



Wow! A response from the co-founder?!?! awesome! :smiley:

for number 2, how would you recommend scheduling it? do a flex for all my grass zones and then a fixed schedule for the tree/bush zone?

Also, if I set up a second schedule, will it automatically time it to not water while another zone, from the other schedule, is running?


This is a lot out of my comfort zone, I just play a gardener on TV.

Yes that is typically my recommendation. Overall flex works well for grass and zones that are one unified crop type.

Yes we stack schedules so there is no overlap :wink:



Beautiful. Thanks, Franz!

I used to work in Ag Tech for a real-time soil moisture monitoring company… but that was for actual crops… a Japanese Maple and grass is a whole different deal :smiley:

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