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I have a zone that receives runoff from a neighbor’s overwatering. The zone is too wet most of the time. How should I configure the zone to account for this?

If it were me, i would deactivate your zone until you see things drying up.

Hey Larry- there are a couple different options to handle this. What schedule type are you planning on using? Some different things you could do are create a custom nozzle with a higher precipitation rate, set your zone to a lower shade setting, raise your managed allowed depletion, or lower your crop coefficient. I know that’s a lot of options, but I think they all could do the trick! How often are they watering?

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the only half decent way i can thing of is purchas an edyn, use ifttt to trigger your zone when it reaches a certain point.

also, you could probably adjust the transevap to 5-10%, but we would have to talk more about the exact runoff conditions before we start discussing schedule changes.


Another solution would be to convince your neighbor to buy a Rachio and teach them how to stop overwatering. :wink:


@azdavidr Bingo! :wink:


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The zone needs watering as frequently as other zones, just not as deeply. It’s too wet to use the default parameters for a Flexible Daily schedule.

Since the issue is overwatering, I lean toward configuring a higher flow rate as a proxy for the neighbor’s runoff. I’ll give that a try. Thanks for the suggestions!

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@LarryMac Higher precipitation rate will lower your duration, so that sounds like a great solution! Keep us updated :slight_smile: