Comprehensive Report

It would be nice to have a full and comprehensive summary report that is useful and printable.
It should show usage, savings, totals, graphs and detail at the following frequencies:

Daily, monthly, quarterly and annually.

It should show three categories of usage and savings for comparison:

  1. User location
  2. Other users in the area or region
  3. Total Community.

The Report should be no more than one to two pages.

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I love the idea @garyjnj1- ideally I would love to have all of these views available within the app and have the option to export them. I’m a little confused by the “user location” category, do you mind elaborating?

It sounds like someone has a Ring doorbell, this is similar to their neighborhood idea.

@scorp508 Does Ring do something similar to this?

I don’t have one myself, but they have a Neighborhoods feature that can share video from other nearby Ring devices. It kind of turns the devices into an automated a community watch feature that can grab shots of people stealing packages off of steps, car accidents in the road, etc…

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One can opt in to the neighborhood feature. Someone in my general area posted pics of the kids who rang his doorbell and then ran. :smiley:

Not that we ever did that as kids . . .


I have a ring and get the neighborhood updates… they aren’t posted that often, but when they are, it definitely shows someone acting strange at the door. it’s good to know that those weirdos are in the area… now what that may have to do with irrigation, not sure :smile:

Hi mckynzee, User Location - meaning the Rachio home owner’s address.

Other users in the neighborhood or region would be other Rachio owners within a predetermined radius of the referenced User’s Location.

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Thanks for the clarification. I think comparing users against people in their community could be a motivator for savings! Also, I could see this being beneficial for things like zone settings as well.