Completely new to irrigation - want rachio

My setup: an apartment balcony with a water spigot.

What I want to water: some strawberry pots, blackberry bush in a very very large container, possibly a container lemon tree, plants & herbs in other containers.

Why I want a rahio for this: because I’m lazy and remembering to water my plants is difficult for me with 2 kids and a busy work schedule. I don’t want dead plants (and my kids are sad when there’s no strawberries because we’ve been forgetting to water them.

What I have: Plants, water spigot, & water

I have no idea what to buy (besides the rachio) to get this working. Obviously something needs to go on the water line that the Rachio controls, but I’m not sure what, or which would be best for the Rachio. Most of rachio setup stuff talks about “replacing” existing set ups or makes an assumption people know what the heck a “master valve” etc. is. I problably only need a drip system, or a system that’s capable of putting either drip valves or spray valves (thinking the 1/4, 1/2, or full circle type).

If anyone wouldn’t mind pointing me to what would be best for my setup considering I’m a completely new start, I would appreciate it.

Also, I don’t mind if Rachio is a bit overkill for this - I want FULL CONTROL from my phone and schedule & weather detection/prediction capabilities.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @rwt0277

Sounds like an awesome setup!! I think we have another user or two that have a spigot setup. Biggest question is how much room do we have to work with to house the equipment? If you have an apartment balcony, I’m sure size is a limited resource.

Maybe you could send us a few photos of your balcony and I’ll think of some ideas on how to keep the plants watered and kiddos happy :smile:

Feel free to post here or email to

Best, Emil