Complete Newbie question on Rachio

Hi to all, having a Rachio Gen 2 installed tomorrow morning Cool beans of course but I have a newb question. With the Wifi, Will I be controlling the Rachio by way of the web or direct wifi to the unit? Do I need wifi signal out in the yard or can I use my smartphone with internet access to control it? Want to be able to turn zones on and off for maintenance with my phone or iPad. Hey and I got zip for WiFi signal out in the yard. Can’t imagine that it isn’t controlled via the web but just asking. I told you I was a newb! Any comments appreciated. Well…most of them I am sure :slight_smile:

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You can control the Iro from “anywhere” with the phone app. Of course the phone needs a network connection but that can be your data connection to your phone service provider.

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Thanks, found the answer in here so again sorry for the bother. Search is your friend right?