Compatible Hose Timer for Rachio

I own a Rachio controller and would be in the market for a Rachio hose end controller that would be compatible wit the rachio irrigation controller. It would be wifi and be added as a zone. That would be great for my patio planters and porch potted plants. That would complete the system as everything else is awesome with the controller. Even if it’s $100, I would buy it because it would be an add on to the current system.


@shoeseller01 I think this would be really cool too. Given that it might take a while, I’m looking to buy one of these when they are released.

Here’s a review:

With any luck they’ll integrate with IFTTT and we can bridge Rachio with this system. I think I read on these forums that the Rachio guys had spoken with PlantLink at some point. Long term a native link between the two would be pretty powerful!

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Orbit makes this device (I have not used) but I would also really like have a Rachio device to use the same app to control my in ground sprinkling system.