I live in Florida and was wondering what kind of system I have. I’m new to irrigation stuff and just moved in to a new home. On the side of my home are 2 boxes in the ground with solenoids (black things with wires coming out, I know, expert terminology). Looking at the control box I have now shows wires going to each zone (5 of them), com wire, power for box, and rain sensor.

I know Florida is known for indexing valves but I’m not sure I have one. The master valves spot in the control box does not have a wire hooked up to it and based on what I’m seeing and from what I’ve read, I don’t believe I have one. But I’m not sure and wanted to consult the experts here.


Sounds like you’d have no problems moving to a Rachio controller if you so wished. Could you take photos of the wiring so folks can give you a clear indication of what you would likely be connecting?

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Hey @Hauss316-

Sounds like you do not have an indexing valve, but pictures would be helpful like @ssindelman mentioned! Have you been able to get some photos of your current set up?

McKynzee :rachio:

@Hauss316 - I would agree with @mckynzee and @ssindelman - this does not appear to be a indexing zone set up, nor one with a master valve or pump start relay. One should be able to move the Com and zone wires along with the sensor wires over to a brand new Rachio Gen 3 with no issues (no need to move the AC1, AC2 or GND wires).

So I would be able to make use of the flex scheduling?

@Hauss316 - yes you should be able to make use of Flex scheduling. I’d start out with one or two (out of the four zones) being Flex Daily to get the system tuned and then migrate the settings to the other two zones. Unless the zone is manually filled, Rachio will assume the zone is empty the first time it runs so it could have a long watering time (hint, hint).