Compatibility with Wired Networks

Most everybody installing the Rachio Iro is going to have a WiFi network available, but what about the following scenario?:

  • The project requires and Outdoor-Mount Controller installation;
  • (No offense) The plastic enclosure you currently offer:
  • Doesn’t lock
  • Is plastic
  • The project requires a Stainless Steel or Metal Cabinet enclosure.

We frequently use VIT Products for this.

I’m guessing the Faraday Cage effect would apply here. In these instances, the ability to install a Wi-Fi receiver through a knockout on the side of the enclosure, or simply plug an Ethernet cable into the Iro board itself would be ideal.

I haven’t taken one apart yet, but does anyone know what type of WiFi module/antenna the Iro uses? Does the board have room for an RJ45 jack as-is?


We do not support Ethernet, sorry :frowning:

The WiFi module we currently use is from the Electric Imp based on a Broadcom chipset.

This article explains the amount of work they have built into WiFi range, connectivity, etc.

Let us know if you have any more questions or feedback. Thanks!

Got it. We’ll take a look at the Electric Imp, and try it out inside a metal enclosure.