Commercial landscaper use


I have a friend who saw my residential setup and was intrigued by the flexibility of the product
He does mostly commercial landscape maintenance and some residential. In both cases he would like to be able to have irrigation control via the internet, especially for locations that are remote (several hours away).
The setup would be a straight forward residential situation but would differ by his having multiple units to be accessed from a single smart device.
Is this possible now or is that a down the road possibility?


@abcritter - One can access multiple Rachio’s from a single smart device. Not at the same time, but I believe you switch between them.


Hey Alan,

The setup your friend desires is totally possible within the Rachio app. Multiple controllers can be added to the same account and controlled (one at a time) via the app. Alternatively, if the home owner wishes to add the controller to their own account and simply share Full or Limited Access with the landscaper, this is also totally possible!

For more information about how this works, please review our Support Articles on Controlling Multiple Controllers and Shared Access below!


Thanks for the info


Great I will pass this on. This person has upwards of 25 commercial properties and sever residential…he will be excited.


I love the ability to monitor multiple accounts. I oversee close to 680 accounts that I have installed with a few companies that I consult with. Rachio makes it so easy to check up, monitor and make changes while on the go.