Commercial Application?

Hi, we have a large retail and distribution store with a fair amount of irrigation over 11 zones.

We’re currently using a Toro TMC-424E-ID with a PSR-22 pump start relay.

Is there any reason why we couldn’t swap out that Toro unit for a 16 zone Rachio 3? Are there any details about our irrigation system that I’d need to validate prior to doing this change?

I have a PSR-22 that I use periodically for a water feature and have had no issues. Is the PSR-22 being used to pressurize the irrigation water? I ask because some have had issues with the amount of current used by the PSR, specifically the in-rush (startup). So, it is possible to use that it could be using too much current if it is used in conjunction with a regular zone. I do not know for sure if this would be the case, but would guess others might chime in. Looking at the specifications of the Toro, I would not expect any issues with that.

Shouldn’t be any issue. Biggest hurdle might be making sure the unit has solid WIFI coverage wherever it is located.

Great, okay thanks for the quick feedback guys!