Commercial agriculture setup/suggestions

I’m using 5 gen 2 controllers for a 10 acre avocado orchard. The controllers have worked great. Almost no issues. I do have a few comments and questions after using these for the last year.

Unified control - It would be much easier to be able to link multiple controllers and make changes. See schedules, etc. Are there any plans to do this?

unwired valves - I do have some valves that are difficult to wire and being able to use a battery powered valve would be nice. Any plans for this?

Soil moisture monitoring - being able to place wifi soil moisture meters would really help me manage a large area. I’ve tried the Edyn monitors and not been very impressed. Software is poor and wifi signal weak. Despite having a good wifi signal over the 10 acre’s, the Edyn’s were not a good solution. Also, having an integrated moisture monitor would allow more automated irrigation. Extra points if the meters could also monitor soil PH.

Anyone else using these for commercial applications?

It is not possible to link controllers, but you can have access to multiple controllers with the app. What is your irrigation method? You might do a web search for wifi controllers for the ag industry. For 10 acres, you might consider a two wire controller than handle 100 or more zones. What is your water source, gallons per minute and pipe size?
It would be so much easier if you had just one controller for the whole 10 acres.

Here is something i found. Looks interesting. Ag is a whole different animal than residential irrigation controllers.