Combine drip line zones?

I am new to Rachio, 12hr old baby in fact. I have everything setup and working on a Flex Monthly until I can get flow rates and then I will move towards Flex Daily. I have 8 total zones with two of them being drips lines, one for park strip and second for flower bed. I’ve actually setup the flower bed on its own schedule since I knew it would run longer and few times than the grass zones. Should I have done the same with the other drip line in the park strip? Combine both drip line zones into the same schedule so they run longer and less frequent? This would leave just the pop-up heads on their own schedule.

Vegetation for Flower Bed is Perenial and Park Strip is Clay/Warm Season grass. I noticed when combined they end up running same days as my other grass schedule, with three days between run time. When Flower bed is seperate from my grass schedule I noticed is gets extended out by one day and has four days between run time. I guess I will be leaving them separate so I am not “over watering” the flower bed.

With Flex Daily, you can put all your drip zones into the same schedule (you can also put them in with the grass zones if you want). Each zone will water only when needed. I prefer to keep my grass schedule separate so that my grass can water overnight, and my drip zones can run during the daytime.

I think Flex Monthly will work the same way, but I’m not sure.


Thanks, Linn.
When I get flow rates for all my pop-ups and drip lines my plan was to switch to Flex Daily. At least now I know when I do make that transition I can have everything on the same schedule.