Color coding calendar

Just a GUI thing here. It would be nice to have the calendar color code the droplets on the app. per zone. Right now when I look at the calendar I know which days have watering events, but if I could have say a blue drop for grass, a green drop for trees, an orange drop for shrubs, I could get a lot more info. with the same screenshot.

I imagine that you can only take that so far since you’ll run out of room, so at some point you may just have to have an icon that indicates that, say a raindrop with a 3+ on top of it if you can only accommodate 3 distinct droplets ?



@azdavidr , excellent suggestion regarding color-coding and some calendar-view insights!

With the new scheduling segmentation, there has been some talk of color coding different types of events. I could see the usefulness of “grouping” the zones by type and then color coding.

Definitely an idea worth tracking - thanks for putting it out there!

~Lucas :rachio:

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Great, thanks for listening !


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I’m surprised that it wasn’t implemented. I totally agree with the idea of color coding different schedules, so I know, from looking at the global calendar, which schedules, and how many of them are active per day. Say, schedule A and B are sprinkling today, and only A tomorrow; so what I should see on the calendar are two droplets on today’s day (blue for A, and green for B), and one blue droplet tomorrow. As of now, the interface allows for 8 droplets to be in the cell around the day on the calendar, so it should work perfectly for 8 zones if each zone has it’s own schedule. Any developments, work-arounds? Only thing I can do at this point is to disable all schedules except for one in question to see days it is active. But it is very inconvenient exercise. Would be nice to hear back from developers.

I agree with this suggestion. I look at my schedul and all I see is blue. I would love to have colors coded to my different schedules and or zones.

That’s great for those of you who are not colorblind…

OK… here is the solution for colorblind - make droplets different shapes.


YES! As it is, i have to disable all watering schedules except for the one I want to review.
It would be tremendously helpful for each watering schedule to be represented by a different color on the watering schedule calendar. Let the user choose, or have it just select a different random color that hasn’t been used, or use shapes, etc. Something to help us see a difference.

This was one of the very first irks I had with this app.

Thanks all.


Today I woke up and saw the little bit of rain and and my grass didn’t run and thought “oh it must have rained hard enough over night to start a rain delay”… but nope, I noticed my grass calendar was disabled. I had disabled it the night before because I was tweaking my drip zones and had to turn off my grass zone just to be able to view the impact of my drip zones with the changes. I then forgot to enable my grass schedule. Fortunately, this wasn’t a big deal, but if there was color coding per schedules, I wouldn’t have needed to disable my grass and I wouldn’t have missed todays watering.


I like the simple view we have today, but must admit i would like to be able to distinguish what zones will run at a glance, as suggested here. Look, i still know my zones by their zone numbers in my previous analog controller.

How about a series of small indicators (numbers, bullets, symbols etc) per day on the calendar, representing the zone number? I would prefer to always see the indicator, but dim if not active that day, darken or highlight when active. This addresses the color blind issue, as well. Admitedly this could be cluttered - so perhaps introduce a secondary (advanced or detailed) calendar view?

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I just added a zone for my garden, which needs to be watered differently than my grass, and was shocked that I can’t tell the two schedules apart. I did a search, and found this.

Has anyone received feedback? Is there a way to submit an idea?



I would also like to see this. With a separate garden schedule and mix of fixed and rotors, this is my current view, not useful at all.

I suggested the same thing recently through customer feedback, before joining this forum. Based on the likes and views, it appears to be a common request. I am a little concerned about the responsiveness to product improvement suggestions though, given that this thread was posted over two years ago.

Rachio is so great everyone sees its power immediately and can envision new features or improvements. But resources, sadly, are finite and road maps need to be solid to avoid wasting resources. That said, I too would enjoy zone/schedule color coding. Rachio did resolve a bug I reported and I’m super pleased about that!


I also just submitted a suggestion for color coding. Base it on schedule. Although I’m unsure with mobile device real estate how 6 zones could be represented on a day? [quote=“Vlad, post:7, topic:3503”]

I’d like to see color coding of irrigation events on the calendar for different schedules. I have a schedule for lawn and another for drip system. Now I have to click on the calendar icon to see which schedule is going to run.