Cloud Outage? or System Upgrade in Progress?


I’m trying to access my controller but I’m getting connection error on the iOS App and the page keep loading in Mac.


Had the same problem using the web interface, but it was only temporary. Everything seems to be back up now.


@fpuig - I just accessed every screen on my iOS app and my Gen 2 says it is online.


Yes, mine shows Online too but had issues loading the data. Now it is a back up but slow and sometimes it does not load the data.


@fpuig - agree it did seem slow to load the data on my app too. I didn’t know if it was a local internet congestion issue or not. No error messages and once it was fully loaded there was no delay switching between screens.


Yep could be cloud issues or upgrade in progress.


Sorry team Rachio. Amazon booted all the controllers off of its cloud broker and they all came screaming back in a big herd and our system needed a little time to stabilize itself. We are putting in more infrastructure to make sure this won’t happen again. Thanks for keeping us honest :wink:



Thanks @franz everything is back up and running. Thanks for the info.


The best part is that I was giving a presentation on our new cloud microservice based architecture when all this started to happen. Can’t make this stuff up.



What a bad timing, but that is the down side of cloud services. They are very reliable until they fail. The “simplicity / user convenience” come usually with a price :smile: Lucky these providers has redundant…


@franz - sounds like Murphy is alive and well!

Reminds me of the early Ethernet days with CSMA/CD.