Close master valve earlier to relieve hose pressure?

I’m considering buying a Rachio controller and I’m wondering if it has this feature: to close the master valve a few seconds earlier than the individual valves? That should help relieve the pressure in the hose.
Thanks in advance!

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@ycat We have a water hammer feature but nothing exactly specific to what feature you are looking for.


Ah, this is sad. Hopefully the Rachio development team will see this thread and consider adding this feature. Thank you Franz for answering!

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I searched the web hoping I could do this on my new Rachio 2. Sad to hear that you can’t, I would like to keep as much as possible downstream of my main valve depressurized, which this feature would allow me to do. It should be an easy software feature to implement - hopefully we see it in the future.


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Then… does your team happen to have some free cycles sometime soon on this feature? I believe many other users will benefit from it too.