Climate Skip Problem

My lawn was scheduled to be watered this morning on the “as needed” schedule. Climate skip stopped it from running an hour before its run time. The moisture level in all the zones was almost zero and the forecast is for 90 degrees and minimal rain the next 3 days. This seems like an obvious mistake. Fortunately, it’s still cool and cloudy so I manually kicked it off at 6:00 a.m. What is the story here?


post a pic of your moisture graph so we can see.

@uvmskier There really is no connection between the moisture graph and our as needed schedules, the cadence could be totally off. The moisture graphs are used exclusively for flex schedules, and do track exactly. Without looking more into your zone data (last watered, next watering, amount watered) it’s hard to determine why climate skip turned on.

A couple options come to mind…disable climate skip if you don’t perceive value in that feature, move to flex schedules if you want your zones to track to moisture graphs (I can get you the 2.6 beta if you want, but it will be available next week), or continue to let climate skip run and see if it helps or ultimately hinders you.

Hope this helps.