Climate skip operation question

I want to be sure I understand climate skip:

Suppose I set up a fixed schedule for a zone. Set the watering interval so that it will “fill” the zone and set the interval to daily.

Each day, an hour before the watering schedule there will be a check to see if the zone “needs water” (my term, technical jargon formula are precise but do not necessarily lead to understanding.) If the zone does not need watering that day’s schedule is skipped.

So, presuming that current climactic conditions would “deplete” a full zone in three days, this schedule would water days 1, 4, … etc.

If the schedule were an every other day watering interval would the climate skip then be ignored because the next watering opportunity would be too far out? Or would it skip that watering and not water again until the next “other” day thus letting the “sponge” go into deficit?

I’m not sure I understand your question exactly, but I’ll do my best to field this. The climate skip doesn’t necessarily look to let you deplete the soil moisture to 50% MAD. If you’re using an interval or specific days schedule, these durations are calculated based on a water budget model not a soil depletion model. In this case, the climate skip basically just looks at whether actual ET, and historical/predicted precip will get you to the next watering (at a similar level as if you had watered and weather had met historical ET).

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Thanks for the reply. I was hoping that the skip was depletion based.