Climate Skip Look back Period

Hi there,

We recently had over 20mm of rain in the last two days in Denver, joyfully drenching our lawn and garden.

Unfortunately, for some reason Rachio 3 ran this morning wasting over an hour of water on an already soaked lawn.

I’m trying to understand why the Climate intelligence didn’t block it. Yesterday’s rain was 6.8mm (0.27 inches) and the day before was 13.5mm (0.53 inches). Was it because the climate intelligence only looks back a short period? Also, I have a home weather station (screenshots) so perhaps the source of the weather intelligence needs improving (as per the run report, the Rachio only thought 1mm fell).

Sorry for the pedantic questions - device is pretty new and I’m trying to learn it’s quirks and when to trust vs intervene.

I’m guessing that while you had substantial rainfall during that period, other areas around you did not. Weather Intelligence PLUS uses weather and rainfall in the area, and tries to adjust it to your location.

If your weather station can be linked to Weather Underground you can have your Rachio use it instead of the average that PLUS uses for rainfall only (other factors are still obtained from the Plus average).

Good to know; the Weather Station is already reporting to Weather Underground and I was able to change it in the Weather Intelligence PLUS feature just now so hopefully it will work better in the future (although from spending time out and about over the last two days, it seemed to be a good soaking everywhere as opposed to spotty storm cloudbursts).