Clik Wireless Rain Sensor Not Interupting System

I recently installed a Gen 2 Rachio. I installed my clik rain sensor per the directions. When the sensor is wet the light on the sensor receiver comes on and turns red. However the Rachio continues to operated as if the sensor is not there. I verified the wires and the enable radio button is green on the app. Help.

Hey @Topcat-

I see from your account that it looks like the rain sensor is activating… Is your schedule still running even when the sensor is activated? Do you remember a time recently this occurred? I want to dig a little deeper into the logs for a specific incident to try to identify the issue…

McKynzee :rachio:

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Okay, so the error was purely operator error. I assumed that if I tried to manually start the system via the app’smanual control tab the rain sensor would not allow the system to run. After reading your response I added a water cycle to start while the rain sensor was triggered and I got a message that the cycle was skipped due to rain sensor.


@Topcat glad to hear everything is working properly! We do allow you to run zones manually when the rain sensor is active, we figured this gives users a little more power and control even when the rain sensor is “interrupting” their system!

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Yes, this is a misconception I hear from many people. You can always run any controller from a manual mode. Homeowners actually do a better job installing a rain sensor than many contractors.

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Not quite correct. My old Rain Bird controller would not run at all once the rain sensor triggered and indicated rain. Even when doing a manual zone. There is an overdosed button on the clik receiver that once pressed would allow the controller to run.

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Hey @robertokc, how do the installations differ between homeowners and contractors typically? Just I feel like I have ran into multiple cases of rain sensors being installed inline with the common recently, and I’m wondering if it’s what you’re referring to!

Rain sensors are only wired into the white common wire when a controller has no sensor terminals as far as I know. This would be a very old controller. If I am wrong, hopefully someone will correct me. I get frustrated by people who say their rain sensor does not work.
Three main reasons:

  1. Incorrect wiring. Always follow the manufacturer recomnendations.
  2. Sensor was never synced (spindle is pressed down)
  3. Controller has rain sensor set on bypass.
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